Education for Poor Child

Have you ever thought what is life like for children without education? In our country, many children are still deprived of education due to poverty. We aim to transform India by empowering poor children. Our education for poor child programme is dedicated towards providing education to those who cannot afford it. We provide basic education to poor children who cannot attend school due to their financial condition. There are many children who live in remote areas of India and cannot think of going school due to lack of means. The necessity of education cannot be ignored in today’s world. Therefore, keeping this in mind, we at Udaan help poor children get education to change their destiny. No doubt, an educated child can make his destiny powerful. Therefore, we take pride in educating poor children who really need it. Come and join us in our mission of nurturing the talented children of India!

Save Girl Child “Beti Bachao Beti Padhao”

Love is synonyms with women. Ever thought what a society would be without women? In our endeavor to stop female foeticide, we work towards ‘Save Girl Child’ which not only is about saving girl child but also caters to her education needs. Empowering girl children is mandatory to maintain a healthy society. The imbalance of sex ratio may create disaster to our society. Therefore, ‘Udaan’ is active in the area of saving girl children and educating them. Gone are the days, when girl children were restricted to get education. It is the time to recognize their talent and give them equal opportunities like boys. If you too wish to watch our society healthy, let’s support the mission, ‘Save Girl Child’ and empower girl children. We wish to see every home blessed with daughters’ smile and therefore encourage girl children to remain an important pillar of society. Join us for the mission to MAKE A CHANGE.

Udaan Foundation is a Delhi based NON PROFIT ORGANISATION is working towards helping the destitute children, abandoned women, neglected senior citizens and poor slum-dwellers. The primary purpose of an UDAAN Foundation is to design and implementation of development-related projects.

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