The Diary of an Udaan Intern

  • 5th September’14

I hesitantly slurp the tea as I continue reading a mail from ‘Udaan Foundation’ with my ears on Prime Minister’s address to the school students. There was a sense of pride and great respect in me for our Prime Minister’s innovative way of being in touch with the common people.

A horn beeps outside; I pick my bag up and leave for my college. As the car stops at a red light, I see something ironically sufficient to remind me of the ramshackle state of the social inequality existing in our country.

At times the facts are more bizarre than the fictions. On one hand there are children studying in public schools, well dressed with their tie bows on the exact place, privileged enough to interact with our country’s Prime Minister directly while one the other hand there are some underprivileged kids on a street shop with their eyes glued to the television set broadcasting the PM’s address, perhaps oblivious of what exactly is happening with their hands doing the dishes simultaneously.

A sudden surge of emotions erupted in me. A kind of state or a sorry state or say a sense of introspection being apt which was portrayed well by Shah Rukh Khan in his movie Swades was generated in me.

Anxiety wasn’t leaving my side till I met a group of young of graduates, under graduates and school students who faced the same anxiety some time ago and started ‘Udaan Foundation’ who now with the policy of ‘Stop wishing, Start doing’ are making themselves heard in the cacophony of change makers.

Udaan Foundation is a Delhi-NCR based Non Governmental Organization. With their project the “The Unforgotten Child” kicking off next month, they aim to target and cater the welfare and wellness of a staggering 1000 malnourished children across Delhi-NCR. One of the best things about Team Udaan is their pragmatic approach to their work. They believe that a dusk of awareness and efforts cannot lead to a dawn of a complete change. They are aiming for little yet meaningful changes by making the lives of those 1000 children a little easy.

It has been over a month working on this project and this blissful experience has ended my search of a particular flavor of Chai which I was looking for really long. My anxiety no longer pushes me to drink what everyone else is drinking.